Always There Dental Care

The Concept

Always There Dental Care is a different kind of dentist. This is expressed not only through the rock memorabilia scattered throughout their office, but also through the personalities of their unique and engaging staff. Therefore, it was extremely important to the office that they have marketing materials that express this distinctiveness. Additionally, they were well aware of how painfully bad most dental videos are, and that collateral such as this is a direct reflection, in the eyes of the customer, of the quality of service.

The Execution

We worked with Always There to select a shooting date upon which they would be closed for business. This allowed for all energies to be focused on filming, and for there to be absolutely zero inconvenience to clients. After this, we simply needed to make the staff comfortable enough to tell us their philosophy, and why they felt that their place of business was unique among its competitors. Every one of them rose the occasion, affording us the ability to capture the essence of the office and its people. And the space itself, well, it was so dang cool that a little expert lighting a camerawork led to cinematic gold.

The Reception

Patients have, again and again, complimented Always There on this video profile, and have even admitted that it was a huge part in their decision to entrust their teeth to them. Viewers connect with the staff before even setting foot in the door, which is extremely valuable in an industry that most people fear greatly. Showcasing the warmth and sincerity of the staff, and the beautiful, calming nature of the office, up front, is, according to Always There, one of the best avenues they have for attracting new patients. And, this is the sort of result that really excites us as video producers!