Accretive Health

The Concept

When Accretive Health first contacted Motion Source, they were just about to go public, and needed a video to establish why they were a significant player in the market. We worked closely with the company to hone in on specific individuals, across the board, that could join together to tell a compelling story about the greater organization. There wasn't much to show regarding what Accretive did, and, therefore, we took a hyper cinematic approach to the capture of their facilities. The beautiful sweeping, sliding shots that we employed assisting greatly in not only serving as a metaphor for the elegance of Accretive's service, but also in taking everyday activities and making them far more interesting and impressive for the viewer.

The Execution

Knowing that we had a single day to capture a massive quantity of interviews and supplementary footage, we utilized 2 crews working simultaneously. The first crew was dedicated entirely to producing attractive, efficient and informative interviews; while the second crew was tasked with rendering cinematic supplementary shots. This exemplifies our tailor-made approach to each client project; ensuring that we not only meet their goals with the video, but do so in a way that cause minimal disruption and fits their schedule

The Reception

Accretive was extremely pleased with, not only the outcome of the video, but the professionalism and efficiency of our videographers. The experience was an exceptionally positive one for them, and opened their eyes to the fact that no other media is nearly as powerful as video in communicating information in a motivating way. This has led to a continued relationship with the client, that upshot of which has been a slew of goal-shattering productions.