Consign and Redesign • Small Business Video

When we first met the wonderful ladies at Consign and Redesign they were a fledgling business who had just entered our neck of the woods. Falling in love with their unique resale system, we suggested that they commit to a video to explain this system, as well as showcase the wealth of interesting items that they carry. They loved the idea, but, as a newly formed business, did not have much of a budget to work with. Therefore, we worked with the girls over at Consign and Redesign to tailor-make a video that would satisfy their mission, as well as their budgetary constraints.

Initially the crew over at Consign and Redesign was a bit skeptical that we could do what we said we could do with the budget that they had. As is our nature, this only fueled our working spirit, and posted a unique challenge as to how we would defy this skepticism. Ask them, and they will tell you that we most certainly met this goal! And, the ladies have found this video particularly effective in their social media campaigns, which they depend on heavily for new business, as there is no better way to simply and elegantly illustrate the concept of their offering than video.