Encore Garage • Small Business Video

Encore Garage is an exceptional provider of garage flooring and custom storage solutions; therefore, they needed an exceptional video to represent their services accurately. Showcasing the beauty of their finished work was a given, but we wanted to take things a step further, and go a level deeper: we wanted to introduce the audience to the people behind the process. With this in mind, we conducted interviews with some of the key figures at encore, as well as with some of their very satisfied customers. And, to cap it all off, we take the audience behind the scenes, and into the workshop, in an effort to expose every side of Encore to potential clients.

Not only was Encore ecstatic about the finished product, but it was clear that their potential clients were as well. Ever the smart marketers, Encore utilized their video to assist with their online marketing presence: providing them quality content for interested parties, as well as affording them additional opportunities to reach audiences that they were not already reaching with traditional marketing materials. For Encore, video proved essential.