LFC Entertainment • Small Business Video

Motion Source was contacted by Chicago cover band LFC Entertainment, stage name Libido Funk Circus, to create a video that they could use to promote their band and book gigs. They wanted the video to have more of a marketing vibe than a traditional music video. We were able to accomplish this by interweaving performance footage and interview footage of band members. This hybrid design is a great example of how Motion Source integrates ideas we learn from one part of our business, music video production, and then use those techniques in other types of videos, such as small business videos. 

LFC Entertainment will be able to use the video even after they book a gig, with just a little creative editing. By removing some of the interview footage LFC Entertainment could have Motion Source create a sizzle reel of the band. They can supply their clients with this video to send out to attendees who will be coming to the event;  raising peoples’ excitement for the upcoming event. Think of the video as a sizzle reel or trailer for what attendees can expect to see at the event.