Chevrolet "A Part of the Family"

The Concept

Chevrolet was running a video contest looking for their next national commercial, and out of the pure enjoyment of our craft, Motion Source decided to throw our hat into the ring. The eldest of our team (not naming any names) tapped into their personal experiences with the significance of a car across multiple familiar generations, and presented the idea for the script. We all found this extremely moving, and set to shaping the idea into something that we felt fit perfectly with the Chevrolet brand.

The Execution

At the opposite end of town from our studio sits a vintage mechanics shop. Having passed this corner many times in the past, the location jumped straight into our minds as the perfect place the shoot the commercial. The owner generously agreed to the production, and allowed us to let our story spool out on his lot. We collected a couple of actors and friends, got a small crew together, and spent a freezing Saturday crafting this heartfelt piece.

The Reception

To our absolute joy, Chevrolet awarded us second place for this video. And, if that wasn't enough, we saw the finished project air during baseball's All-star game. From then on, our little commercial continued to pop up on everything from the History channel to Comedy Central. In the end, this project was an excellent example of how much a passionate crew can truly accomplish with a solid story.