Evil Eyes • The Last Vegas • Music Video

Being fans of our work with the Chicago rock n' roll whirlwind Hessler, The Last Vegas approached us to produce a video for the first single off of their then-newest release Bad Decisions. The track lent itself to a tale of voyeurism; however, the band expressed that they were tired of the same old edgy fetishism that dominates so many rock videos these days. Therefore, we developed an idea true to the darkness of the track, but that also include a strong dose of the absurd, resulting in scenes containing a mixed bag of humor and unease."Evil Eyes" is the perfect example of studio and location shooting gelling flawlessly. While all of the band footage was shot atop their loft in downtown Chicago, the various rooms that Chad peeps into were crafted in our studio. We then composited realistic window frames and ambient effects over these studio shots, as well as introduced some digital camera shake to give the impression that the audience was Chad's eye observing through the lens of his camera. Cool, huh?