STUCK ON YOU • Hessler • Music Video

Stuck On You is, by far, the most artistically adventurous Hessler video to date. To our great pleasure, Hessler allowed us to stray from any semblance of the Metal paradigm on this one, and take it into the realm of the slightly avant-garde. Notably, this was also the first music video to be shot in the Motion Source production studio. Back to the video's content; we wanted to construct imagery that related to topic of the song--an obsessive sort of love--without relying on the same tired images: we wanted to create visuals that had the potency of the most intense of human emotions. To achieve this, we turned to a number of creative professions, making a ton of new friends, and turning out one of our absolute favorite pieces of work. In a blissful creative blitz we turned our cameras on everything from a set of interlocked aerial performers, to Adam and Eve reenactors, to a creepy puppet couple. All of this imagery wove together to produce a tapestry of visual force: the perfect compliment to an airy, circularly laid out performance by the band.