Who Will You Run To • Hessler • Music Video

Hessler has been great friends of ours ever since our first shoot together, leading to long and fruitful working collaboration. This meant that when the band called us expressing that they wanted to film a new video in time for the tour for their sophomore release "Comes With The Territory" we were all in. Then we found out that their tour would be kicking off in less than two weeks! Regardless, nothing could stop the Hess Xpress as we boarded and held on tight for the creation of "Who Will You Run To". With little time, and even less budget, we had to get resourceful. Calling upon some dear friends of ours who were models, we quickly secured an acquaintance's warehouse, and plowed through a production process as fast paced and reckless as the song itself. In the end, this hurried burst of creative force was precisely what was needed to capture the energy of the band as they prepared for a breakneck tour.