I'm Not Sure • Break Even • Music Video

When Break Even released their debut album they came to Motion Source to collaborate on a video that would stand out and demand notice. After some initial brainstorming with the band, we hit upon an idea that was dramatically opposed to the upbeat nature of the music. This approach gelled perfectly with the song's lyrical content, as it speaks of a paranoid protagonist combating thoughts of what his significant other might be up to. Like the majority of independent bands, Break Even was scarce on cash. Therefore, we had to draw on resources available to ourselves and the band members to make this video a success. As luck would have it, the violinist/vocalist had a family homestead in rural Illinois. We jumped at the chance to utilize this location for what became one of the most effective sequences in the finished video. Beyond that, we relied on friends and family members of the band as extras, and depended on other accessible locations for the set-ups.