sinners & Saints • The future laureates • Music Video

SXSW darlings, The Future Laureates came to Motion Source with a desire to create a music video that was more sophisticated than anything they had done previously. The band was receiving quite a bit of attention for their music, and needed collateral that matched the quality of their tunes. The one thing that the guys knew right off the bat was that they wanted to feature their hometown: Chicago. Rather than tread tired and true ground, we worked with the band to brainstorm creative solutions for featuring the Windy City; the one we settled on being a boat tour! Calling around to various maritime vessels we were lucky enough to come into contact with Island Party Rentals, and, their luxury tiki boat: The Big Kahuna. Complete with a band, a boat, and a few handfuls of friends, we took to the high seas of the Chicago river and tackled our most lighthearted music video project to date.