Chicago Wainscoting

The Concept

When we first met with Chicago Wainscoting, they are a gorgeous product, but need some additional marketing materials to help generate interest in that product. They wanted prospects to know that their product was unique when measured against their competitor's, and we knew that this meant going beyond the standard sales pitch for a video of this type. Therefore, instead depending on a hired spokesperson, we worked with Chicago Wainscoting to draw their message out of the horse's mouth: interviewing both the owner and a handful of the diverse designers involved.

The Execution

Our work with Chicago Wainscoting is an excellent example of synergism between a studio shoot, and on-location work. For the segments with the owner of CW and the designers, we wanted to really isolate and highlight the elegance of the work. Therefore, we set up an infinite black setting in our studio, erected their wares, and executed a series of beautiful interviews. This was all well and great, but we also felt that it was necessary to show the public interacting with some of this work; therefore, we attended a major design conference that CW had a booth at, and captured the excitement and energy of the event. Fusing these two sides of the coin together, we realized a video that is both elegant and exciting.

The Reception

The reception to this video has been phenomenal! It has served wonderfully to introduce interested parties to the benefits and beauty of Chicago Wainscotings offerings. And, the beauty of featuring both the owner of the company, and designers, is that all parties involved were very active in spreading the word about the video itself. Meaning that viewership was augmented by increased exposure: this is one of the main benefits of featuring a diverse cast in a company video--those involved tend to work just as hard as marketing and management at getting the video out there.