The Concept

When we met with Clean Tools they were in the process of updating all of their marketing assets: website, photography, etc. And part of this update, it was decided, would be a video showcasing their flagship product: The Absorber. More than anything, they wanted this video to do two things: 1.) modernize their image; and 2.) present the product in relatable terms. Their first goal was simple to satisfy, as we work with cutting edge videography techniques, and with the latest filmmaking equipment. Their 2nd goal required some careful planning, scripting, and casting--all of which we collaborated intensely with them on.

The Execution

This video is an excellent example of how we strive to always go the extra few miles for our clients. Clean Tools needed the perfect elements for their video that would serve to create a world in which potential purchasers could relate to; however, the budget didn't allow for location scouts and casting agents. Therefore, we stepped up to the plate and dipped into our own resources to secure the perfect home, perfect vehicles, and perfect cast, all at a rate that satisfied the budget of the client. Our clients, without a doubt, want the best video; and the thing is, so do we.

The Reception

We're not going to lie; Clean Tools had very, very high expectations of the video. And, we are extremely happy to report that we satisfied those expectations tenfold. The client loved the video, but more important so did their varied audiences: this video has been used on the website, as well as at tradeshows, and email marketing campaigns. And, not wanting to miss any market share, Clean Tools worked with us to create French and Spanish versions, which have gone a long way toward tapping new markets, and reinvigorating old ones.