Consumer Base

The Concept

After a successful collaboration on a company profile video, Consumer Base once again teamed with Motion Source: this time to produce a succinct and entertaining explaining of their data card product. The company was having significant issues with prospects understanding precisely what they had to offer (this was, in large part, the inspiration for the company profile). And, even when prospects did understand the offering, they weren't always certain how to put it into practice. Therefore, we consulted Consumer Base on employing a very modern and sleek Explainer Video to do just that: explain.

The Execution

Consumer Base had a very specific vision of how they wanted this video to look. Sending us sample illustrations that all fit a certain style, our illustration team took this inspiration and churned out custom assets that fit into the same vein. We then took these assets and animated them per a storyboard that Motion Source and Consumer Base spent a significant amount of time writing, and rewriting, to get just right. Employing the perfect voice over artist, we wrapped all of these elements into a neat little bundle that is as pleasing to the eye, as it is satisfying to the brain.

The Reception

The reports we received from Consumer Base were nothing short of inspiration. A product that for so long had proved difficult to communicate, how now become crystal clear to interested parties. This video became the perfect pitch, and the perfect lesson, all rolled into one. And, in the end, there is little more satisfying than knowing we made a positive impact on one of our clients' bottom line.