Consumer Base • Corporate Video

Consumer Base was finding it wildly difficult to explain specifically the "who" and "what" of their business to prospects, and came to us to help solve this issue. We suggested that the company humanize their somewhat abstract business by highlighting employees and their physical space, while digging into the nuts and bolts of the services that they offer. Taking this approach ensured that the information was not only clearly presented, but that the viewer had a chance to identify with the faces behind the data.

With a well-structured pre-production plan, our videography crew was capable of capturing this video over the course of a single day. We worked closely with our contacts at Consumer Base to ensure that we would not only be able to encapsulate all of the information necessary, but were able to do this with minimal interference to an active workplace. In the end we not only secured the success of an efficient shoot, but earned a brand new set of friends.