Phillips Medisize • Corporate Video

Philips Medisize, being a leading global outsource provider of design and manufacturing services to the medical and commercial markets, was struggling with two goals. The first of these goals was to educate prospects on the company's extensive range of services and markets influenced; while the second was all too often being perceived as a faceless corporate entity. To remedy this situation, we plotted out a video that would not only feature the extensive reach and impact of the company globally, but would also feature the CEO directly addressing what it is that makes Philips Medisize such a unique and capable organization.

To achieve the goals of this video, our crew was led to the plains of the Midwest, and all the way across the globe to the Lakelands of Finland. This global cinematic documentation beautifully captured precisely who Philips Medisize is, and exactly what it is that they do. We then skillfully absorbed all of this footage, and wove it into a corporate educational video like few others.