Vintage Tech Recyclers • Corporate Video

Vintage Tech is an amazing organization that recyclers old electronics that were previously bound for the dump. The thing is, not everyone rightly understands what it is that Vintage Tech does, and nothing had the potential to express this like seeing their processes in action. This, coupled with interviews of key members of the team explaining the importance of their efforts, were precisely what was needed to educate a world inundated with obsolete tech on making responsible decisions when it comes to ditching said tech.

Vintage Tech was accommodated our crew amazingly, allowing us to document every step of the recycling procedure. This meant that we were able to capture, firsthand, the epic scale of the company's work. While the warehouse was filled with sights and activity, we decided to temper this with interviews that focused intently upon the speaker, paired with a single piece of to-be-recycled material. This simple object provided a through line to the operations, while allowing for moments of focus on the people behind the machines.