The Concept

When Ecoco came to us, they needed to have a video rapidly produced for an upcoming beauty tradeshow in Dubai. The company's initial concepts revolved around a simple product line video, but after getting to know them better, we realized something very significant: Ecoco didn't just sell a wide variety of hair products; they sold a range of lifestyles. This is when the light bulb went off, and we realized that we needed to showcase the products amidst the lifestyles that they were associated with; we needed to create a video that tapped into the emotional, just as it did the practical. From this insight, the entire scope of the video was born.

The Execution

Creation of this video was a whirlwind of people and places that all needed to occur over the course of a few days. This meant that careful planning was absolutely critical. Additionally, it was left to us to identify, secure, and select all of the talent and locations--as you can imagine, a great deal of project management went into this production. And, in the end, the Ecoco video serves as a prime example of how dedicated and detail oriented our team is to project management, as every aspect went off without a hitch. This video was an exciting exercise in controlled chaos, and, was a total blast!

The Reception

With the final cut being executed just in time, the video fly off to Dubai to wow viewers at the tradeshow. And wow it did. Reports were that, amidst the craziness of the event, attendees consistently stopped and stared at the smorgasbord of lifestyles and associated products offered up on the Ecoco booth's screens. This was the key: trying to lock in attention amongst so much distraction. Hearing that we accomplished this goal meant the world to us, as it was further proof that Motion Source creates video content that demands attention and consideration.