Champagne Bureau • Event Coverage Video

Champagne is usually an on screen “prop” found in many of our event coverage videos, but when the Champagne Bureau called the team here at Motion Source they wanted to make champagne the star of their production. The Champagne Bureau was hosting a tasting event in Chicago and wanted to create a short sizzle reel profiling the event. 

The video features plenty of event and champagne glamour shots but is also intertwined with on the spot interviews that were captured at the event. These interviews created a storyline for the video and expressed the excitement and intrigue of the event. The event only last a few hours on one night but the Champagne Bureau can now take this video and share it with people around the world for years to come! Powerful event videos are about capturing the essence and excitement of an event and bottling it into a short captivating video. The Champagne Bureau understands how much great stuff can be bottled into a small package.