Disaronno Mixing Star • Event Coverage Video

Disaronno was working on a national marketing event when they approached us. The title of the event was "The Mixing Star", and it consisted of a competition within which bartenders from all over each city competing to make the ultimate drink mixed with Disaronno. Our assignment was straightforward: capture the event in its entirety, and provide ample and varied footage for a high energy promotional video.

With the knowledge that this was a one-time event, and was fairly brief in duration, we provided an all-star event videography crew. As is our practice, the crew got there early, and was ready for action before the seal was ever cracked on the first bottle of Disaronno. In fact, we worked with event staff on the ground, making certain that we would be capable of getting what we needed for the edit, without disrupting their flow. This all paid off in the end, as the event went off flawlessly, and you can even see some of us in the video itself!

Disaronno provided us with a tight deadline, and we delivered. Taking care of all of the pre-production and planning, all that was left for the company was to focus on the event itself. The final video was considered one of the best in the series, as Disaronno was having these produced in various major cities across the United States.