Morton Arboretum • Event Coverage Video

The Morton Arboretum approached us to create a video they could use to promote their Illumination event. Illumination is a six week long event hosted by the arboretum from the end of November until early January. They fill the arboretum with thousands of holiday lights for visitors who can brave the cold to come view. As you watch the video you will see some of the lights on display and also some event attendees. It was important to incorporate these shots to give viewers a sense of the experience they could enjoy if they attended the event. We featured a full range of visitor types from families with small children to couples on a date. The project was filmed over a two night span and we were lucky enough to have beautiful snow falling one of the nights. 

For marketing the arboretum wanted to be able to use the video, or versions of the video, for the next several years as they host the event annually. With this is mind we made sure the video content was not specific to any given year; except for the closing frame. Each year we will just replace the closing frame with new dates and details. They will be set to go for another exciting event year after year!