PNC Bank • Event Coverage Video

Shot on-location outside of Chicago, this video is being used by PNC Bank’s Mortgage division. The event was a real estate professionals summit hosted by PNC. The final video was a sizzle reel highlighting some of the best moments and capturing the excitement of the event. We were able to interweave footage from the live presentations, an interview with the featured speaker, and interviewees with event attendees who commented on their experience at the event. PNC will be able to use this teaser trailer to promote future events that they host. 

Since we also captured video of the speaker’s full presentation at the event, PNC will be able to use this sizzle reel to send out to real estate professional who did not attend the event as a teaser trailer before they watch the full presentation. Event videos are all about capturing as much good content as you can and then packaging it into a format that viewers will feel like they were at the event. Sometime we are even able to provide more value in a video format to viewers than if they attended the event. Video capture allows viewers to watch presentations that they may have missed at a large conference.