School of Rock • Event Coverage Video

School of Rock, headquartered in Burr Ridge, IL, is an organization that conducts music education programs centered around popular music, from Queen to Devo. Their Allstars program provides their most talented prodigies with the opportunity to rock out on stages at a host of major venues, including Milwaukee's annual Summerfest bash. With a desire to capture the youthful excitement attendant to this opportunity, School of Rock approached Motion Source to produce a "sizzle reel" which could be used to promote the event in future years, showing prospective youth what types of activities they could be involved with if they got on board. Not only did our crew have a blast following the kids around Summerfest, and capturing some truly epic performances, but our editors were thrilled with the opportunity to put together a fast-paced, stylish, rock-infused edit that is sure to make you want to bang your head.