HylaSoft • Explainer Video

HylaSoft was extremely interested in creating an Explainer Video to highlight their FactoryScribe pen; however, they also wanted to include a human touch. Therefore, we pitched them the idea of including a real life actor intermixed with the animation itself. They loved the concept, and we set to work.

Too add an actor into an animated world we knew that we would have to rely on some serious green screen work. We also knew that we would have to have an idea of what was playing out on the screen during all segments of the script, so that the actor appeared to naturally be a part of it all. With ample time spent in pre-production, we had the entire shoot accomplished on paper before even turning on a camera. This sort of detailed pre-production meant that the shoot went off without a hitch. Following the filming, we worked with HylaSoft's own designer, per their request, to develop custom illustrations that fit perfectly with their branding. This designer then teamed up with our animator to breathe life into all of the elements. And, the rest is history!