Illinois Network of Charter Schools • Explainer Video

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools, INCS for short, is an organization based out of Chicago, IL. They work with charter schools and communities around Illinois to strengthen community ties, obtain new growth, and lobby to local and state governments for new legislation. INCS came to Motion Source with a request for a series of explainer videos that could help educate the public about their message. They planned to use their videos for their website, marketing campaigns, advocacy initiatives, and even show it live at events. 

Charter Schools have been active in Illinois since the late 90’s but recently they have became a hot political topic of conversation, especially around Chicago. INCS understood that needed a way to tell their story and express their message to the public. An explainer video was a great way for them to accomplish this! An explainer video can break down a complex topic and make it more understandable for the audience. The chosen animation format was a perfect fit for both their mission and their budget.