Payline • Explainer Video

Payline is a credit card processor, but now just any credit card processor. For every transaction processed, Payline generously donates a percentage to your charity of choice--making the world a better place. When we met with Payline, they stressed how much they wanted their video to exude the warmth of what they do, and not come across as a dry, corporate piece. Therefore, we established with them that we should create an Explainer Video--something that would be a little more fun, and would lend the perfect aesthetic to their mission.

We knew that the specific style of illustration would be a huge factor in expressing the image that Payline was seeking. Therefore, we all agreed that a softer, rounder, more fun approach would be the perfect visual format to set Payline apart from the rest of their industry. Our illustration and motion graphics team worked diligently, while keeping this in mind, to construct a video that truly expressed the magical things that Payline is doing.

Payline absolutely loved their video, and felt strongly that it tapped into the specific ethos of the Payline community. For us, it was a great pleasure to produce this project, as we were essentially fusing together our specialties: nonprofit video marketing and corporate video marketing.