Focal Point

The Concept

Focal Point is a cutting edge lighting design company that wanted to produce a video that truly captured the avant-garde energy of their Theory fixture. A truly unique product deserves a truly unique video, so we strove to outdo any other lighting product videos on the market. To do this, we decided to move beyond the standard approach of utilizing a stock voice over, or text subtitles, to convey the information associated with Theory; and, instead, worked to have the designer himself, Graham Watt, tell the story.

The Execution

Right out of the gate, we knew that this video would consist of 2 key components: beauty shots of the product, and an interview with Graham. The beauty shots were a piece of cake, as the light itself was such a work of art! This being said, we wanted to show Theory in a real world setting, so that prospects could relate to it; as well as show it isolated in all its sleek glory. With a little ingenuity, we were able to accomplish this all within a small space within the Focal Point offices. The interview with Graham? Well, that went off flawlessly as he is such a rockstar!

The Reception

Focal Point loved their video, claiming that it did a better job at explaining the vision and utility of this product than any other marketing collateral. This is a fantastic example of tailoring a video project to the unique personality of the client. Once you set foot in the Focal Point offices, you realize that they are a forwarding thinking, energetic company, with a keen passion for making products that are as beautiful as they are functional. Identifying this essence, we did our utmost best to distill it into the presentation of the video itself; and, according to Focal Point, we did a darned good job of it.