The Concept

Yep, another commercial contest for us--they are just too hard to resist! However, this commercial contest was particularly notable, in that Gain was offering a prize of 1 Million dollars to the winner. We knew that we had to brainstorm something different, something unique, but also something that tapped into the aesthetic of Gain as a brand. This is where the concept of a vibrant, live action time-lapse comes into play.

The Execution

In many ways, this was one of the most grueling shoots of our life, as it is simply an endless series of subsequent photographs, with the talent and moments moving ever so slightly in between each. Needless to say, it took absolutely forever. To accomplish the specific look, we built a custom rig, which fit into the ceiling of our studio. After mounting the camera to this rig, we ran picture into an iMac, and controlled the entire process from the ground. The rest was pretty simple, and required a no more than a few detail orientated designers and stage hands, and a whole lot of patience!

The Reception

Out of countless entries, we made it into the final 25 competitors, but, alas, we didn't win the million. If we did, do you think we'd be sitting here right now, or on an island in the middle of the pacific playing Candy Crush and drinking ice cold La Croix? Well, actually, we'd still be sitting here. Really, truly, we love our jobs... but we would have taken a really long and exotic vacation!