The Gateway for Cancer Research

The Concept

The Gateway for Cancer Research came to us for the same reason that so many nonprofits do: to create a video to assist with inspiring involvement and donations. And, it was extremely important to them that this was done in a creative and emotionally authentic manner. We worked very closely with their team of inspiring individuals to generate a concept that met these goals. This was truly a meeting of the creative minds, the upshot of which was a video that was not only emotionally stimulating, but visually stirring as well.

The Execution

To carry across the themes of the video, we depended upon 2 major set-ups. The first involved fitting old photographs of lost loved ones into the holes that they had left in the present day. This then fed into a "memory hall" of sorts. An open, airy room with photographs of the past strung up on clotheslines. The speakers in the video, all individuals who has sadly lost family and friends to cancer, interacted with these photos, as well as with objects from the past that triggered memories of the individuals in question. In the end, the viewer is left with something as artistic as it is evocative.

The Reception

This video served a video function at a Gateway for Cancer Research fundraiser, where it profoundly moved those in attendance; and, has continued to do good work on the organization's internet channels. The Gateway for Cancer Research is a phenomenal example of a nonprofit who has truly harnessed the power of video to drive involvement. Not only do they have a stable of professionally produced content, such as this, but they create additional content internally to make sure that the stories they serve continue to be told. A true video pioneer!