Go Daddy "Oh My Godaddy"

The Concept

Ohhh the memories! This is one of the first commercial contest projects that we ever tackled, and, to this day, one of the most enjoyable. We were familiar with Go Daddy's branding, as is most of the public, and wanted to create something that was in the same vein, but injected some elements and stylistic choices that were uniquely our own.

The Execution

We have to admit, we have a lot of wonderful friends; and this video is certainly a testament to that. The entire cast of the commercial is made up of friends and family, some of which are models and/or actors, and many of which simply agreed to serving as extras for hours on end (we, of course, provided free food). The main location, a sports bar in the Chicago Loop, was generous donated to the production by its owner, who is also a dear friend.

The Reception

Well, we were one of the winners in the competition, so that's a good sign!