Hallett Movers

The Concept

Have you ever seen a marketing video for a moving company? If not, let us assure you that they are almost universally terrible! This simple fact meant something very significant to Hallett Movers: they had the opportunity to far outstrip their competition by creating a video that blew their competition out of the water! Additionally, when entering into the planning process, we learned that it is an extremely important aspect of Hallett's business model that they are, and always have been, a family owned business. They showed us some ancient footage that had on file of the early days, and we were in absolute heaven--this vintage footage worked wonders in exposing the long and illustrious career of Hallett, as well as the commitment of the family to uphold the quality that their name has been staked on.

The Execution

Sincerity is often one of the greatest selling factors that a video has to offer. Therefore, it was vitally important to us, and Hallett, that the information conveyed in their video was done via dedicated employees. Therefore, we set up a day in our studio, and wheeled in a collection of props, so that we could achieve this goal. Forget voice overs and cheesy spokespeople, Hallett committed to the principle that any audience member already knows: sincerity sells. Adding to this, we filmed a number of moving jobs that Hallett had in, and around, the area; as we wanted to illustrate the various services that they provided. And, we made sure to dedicate a day to documenting their warehouse, as this space provides unique benefits to their clients, and is more impressive than any other mover's warehouse out there.

The Reception

Hallett loved the video; especially in that they feel we captured the essence of the family paradigm upon which the company has been built. And, they were especially happy with the fact that their video was of a quality capable of future proofing it. This is a marketing material that, barring any dramatic organizational changes, will not need to be updated for 5-10 years. And, this fact is something very significant that we ask client's to consider when they are in the process of deciding on whether or not to commit to video. When we see any doubt, we will always share Hallett's example!