Health World

The Concept

Working with Health World has been an amazing journey for Motion Source. We have had the privileged of pairing with this noble organization to create upwards of 30 educational programs for schools all over the country; and, it's been a blast! When Health World came to us we realized that this was an amazing opportunity to make a difference in student's lives on a national level, and we worked intimately with the organization to figure out how to make the most memorable videos possible. This resulted in a wonderful, and sometimes wacky, combination of teacher instruction, expressive animation, and a massive group of grade schoolers acting out the lessons contained within the program.

The Execution

The Health World project required an amazing amount of careful planning to execute so many videos, each 20-40 minutes in length. We worked intensively with the organization to make certain that all of this was accomplished to the standard of quality that they, and we, expected of the project. Once the planning was done, we built a custom set in our studio to serve as a classroom setting for the instruction, and then put together a sizable white sweep in front of which a gaggle of students could act out all sorts of health and safety related scenarios. All of the footage obtained from these shoots was carefully organized and cut together by a dedicated team of editors, who worked tirelessly to launch these programs in a short period of time

The Reception

Health World has been one of our greatest victories, as it proved how efficiently our departments could collaborate to turn out a massive project; and all without sacrificing any of the quality that we stake our name on. The Health World organization was incredibly pleased with our work and the relationship that we had forged, translating into a continued relationship that shows no sign of slowing down. Even as these words are type, our production studio is hard at work on a fresh set of Health World programs, and we couldn't be happier!