The Concept

Hines' was hosting a groundbreaking ceremony in downtown Chicago that was to feature our fair city's mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Initially, this was to be a very important, and equally brief, event; and required a videography team that was capable of thinking on their feet, dealing with crowds, and inoffensively capturing the material to recreate the scene. Having received a stellar review of Motion Source from their event photographer, Hines' decided to roll the dice with our company, and it is safe to say that they were not disappointed.

The Execution

Knowing that this event would be short and significant, we sent out 2 of our best on-location videographers to work their magic. Our crew got to the site early, scoped out the key locations for the action, and rapidly formulated a plan. This brand of quick thinking not only equaled out to the team nailing all of the requested shots, but also afforded them time to get some additionally material, which greatly enhanced the edit. Additionally, they had the foresight the capture establishing shots of the surrounding cityscape, which served to give the video a solid sense of place, and make it that much more effective.

The Reception

Hines, never having worked with us before, was overjoyed with the way that our team handled the event. Then, when they viewed the finished product, their excitement was palpable. We have done something that we always strive for, and that is over delivered. While the client had fully expected a somewhat dry snippet, we were capable of producing an energetic finished product that truly captured the meaning of that day.