John Scaletta - Director

Craig Bass - Director

Bear Aldrich - Director of Photography

Hunter Kallenbach-  First AC

Ryan Ohm - Editor

Chris Libby - First AC

Veronica Bouza - Grip

David Ryzner - Grip

Peter Scaletta - Grip

Dustin Berta - Audio

Sean Sbarbori - Audio

Angelo Manzoeillo - Score

Special Thanks to: 

Lars Nelson

for the Apple 1 Replica

Terry Depaola for the iDig Location

John and David of Horton's Ace Hardware

Paul Link of Now Serving Café

Leslie of Jackson Square Antique Mall

Jimmy Cocrcoran for the day of the dig & setup

Matteo for the day of the dig

Scott Dolgner for day of the dig

Tom Scaletta for the BMW

Amanda Piehl

Carter and May Strauss for assisting on the Lake shoot

Shinwey Lu for the Buick

Suburban Life Newspaper



Actors and Extras:

Michael Downey as the antique dealer

James Siegel as the repo man

Scott and Tina Dolgner in cafe

ZeZe and Letty Aiyash in cafe

Tom Scaletta as Mr. Highday

Stephanie Gordon Hill in cafe

Agnes Banyte Mieliauskiene in cafe

Andrius Lego Juocetis in cafe

Steven Brown in cafe

Sally Orozco in cafe

Karen O’Halloran in cafe

Mary Schramka in cafe

Alex Magdelene in cafe

Leyla Aiyash & friend in cafe

Alex Ryan Mitchell in hardware store

Anna Rose Chorazyczewski in hardware store

Shinwey Lu in cafe

Gina Scaletta-Nelson in cafe

Ned Pucci in cafe

Ben Boylan in cafe

Jason Butkovich in cafe

Bobby Jones in cafe

Haley Prokaski in cafe

Steve Landrey in cafe

Lizzy Garreau in cafe

Michelle LeBeau in cafe

Dana Heinz in cafe

Eric Zamora in cafe

Gary Tiedt in cafe

Mike Helmstetler in cafe

Freddy Helmstetler in cafe

Ken Cerny in cafe

Brenden Howard in cafe

Lauren Bovis in cafe

Wayne Stawczyk in cafe

Luke Smith in hardware store

Tom Peters in hardware store

Don Collevechio  in hardware store


"And there's one more thing..."

a thanks to Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak for inspiring the story for iDig and for creating the computers and software in which this film was created on.