The Concept

Klein tools needed a way to showcase to potential customers just how superior their hook meter was to their competitions' offerings. Additionally, Klein was also faced with the issue that many people who were cruising the shelves at the home improvement store, had little idea how a hook meter was different from the standard sort of meter. The answer to these problems was simple, and ingenious. Create a simple video explaining the features and benefits of the hook meter, and then print a QR code on all meter packages that could be scanned in store to view the video.

The Execution

Being a trusted, old-school brand, Klein wanted to keep the video simple. We agreed that all they needed was something professionally produced and polished--something simple that brought the hook meter's features and benefits front and center. Therefore the recipe was simple: a studio shoot with a professional actor, and a handful of props. The most important piece was that everything hone in on the meter's superiority. We even specifically selected a white backdrop, as we know the orange of the meter and the Klein logo would be sure to pop. Sometimes simple is best.

The Reception

The presence of the QR code on the hook meter's packaging has led to an increased awareness of what specifically the product does, and why it is better suited for almost all applications than its competitors. And this, as could be expected, has affected sales. According to Insivia, “90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process”. With a statistic like this, it's hard to not want to produce a video for every product that you produce.

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