The Concept

Koshin had a new generator on the market, and wanted to produce a video that showcased its functionality and uniqueness; they also wanted something that didn't look like your typical industrial product video. We knew that we would have to show the product isolated in operation, as well as working within the real world, but there had to be a way to differentiate it from the rest in terms of presentation. This led to use employing our signature style of cinematic videography to show how exciting and different this product really was.

The Execution

As mentioned above, the key here was to film the generator in a very fluid and cinematic style: we wanted an approach that got people excited about the possibilities of this product. To do this, we utilized special camera equipment often neglected when it comes to industrial product videos. Particularly, we invested time in getting beautiful dolly shots of the units--the dolly is a device used predominantly in filmmaking, that allows for the camera to move from side to side, or from in to out. In the end, the viewer is left with an exceptionally fluid, motion picturesque treatment; something that most industrial product videos cannot claim.

The Reception

Koshin America was so overjoyed by the success of this video that it proved to be the beginning of a longstanding relationship. This proved to the client precisely how powerful video could be at promoting, and branding new product offerings. Nothing sells like video, and Koshin is a case in point.