The Concept

When Lyteshot first came to us they were a gaming startup company in possession of a fresh and innovative idea, but without the capital to fully put it into practice. The forward-thinkers that they are, the Lyteshot team realized that they needed a video to showcase the significance on their technology to potential investors, as well as to affirm why they were the perfect team to cultivate this technology. With the combinatorial force of Lyteshot's synergistic brilliance, and Motion Source's well-honed storytelling techniques, we were able to create a video that captured the imagination of a number of key individuals.

The Execution

Serendipitously, Lyteshot's CEO had a room in his home that was styled as a Steampunk wonderland. This was the perfect location to film a video focusing on a fresh creative gaming company. Not only was it visually interesting, but it spoke to the inclinations of the market. We utilized the various angles of this room for a series of stellar interviews, and then brought the entire crew together to show one of the things they do best: play. In the end, this video did two very important things: it established the Lyteshot team's authority in the gaming sphere, and highlighted the fun and energetic personalities that make them who they are.

The Reception

The crew over at Lyteshot loved the final product, as did the investors for whom it was made. As a major part of their campaign to raise capital, Lyteshot has found the video to be an invaluable tool in this pursuit. And, some of the investors liked it so much that they politely asked Lyteshot if they would share our contact info, so that we could construct videos just as powerful and persuasive for them!