Have Dreams • Nonprofit Video

The Concept

Have Dreams had video before we stepped into the picture, but they wanted something fresh and direct to showcase their mission and results. And, Motion Source proved the perfect fit for this assignment, as one of our chief videographers had recently completed filming on a festival-bound documentary about the condition that was Have Dream's focus: autism. This experience allowed our entire crew to provide Have Dreams with an unparalleled level of service and understanding--something that allowed us to truly capture the organization and its impact.

The Execution

With a keen understanding of subjects themselves, we concluded that it was best to document them in a familiar setting. Therefore, we brought a portable studio to Have Dream's location, and worked patiently with our subjects to comfortably capture them on film. These simple, very human, images are some of our absolute favorites. Additionally, we made a point of discreetly documenting the daily work that the organization does, absolutely minimizing disturbance to the subjects. And, to complete the story, we held very intimate interviews with the parents of the children that the center accommodates.

The Reception

Have Dreams absolutely loved the outcome of this project. Not only did they feel that who they are and what they do was finally authentically documented, but they found that their audience responding with immense positivity, whether online or at fundraising events. This project was such a pleasure for us, as it allowed us to work with a host of amazing individuals, all sharing in a greater socially significant story.