Rush University Hospital • Nonprofit Video

The Concept

For the Women's Board of Rush University Hospital's annual fashion show fundraiser, Motion Source worked closely with the organization to develop an idea that would creatively enhance the event, while driving home the significance of the mission behind it. The ladies wanted to go pink, but they also wanted to stand out for any standard presentation of the color/theme combination. After a whirlwind brainstorming session, an idea emerged that took us all throughout Chicago, with a very interesting cast of characters, only to end up on the roof of RUSH itself for a very PINK party.

The Execution

A video featuring this many locations and characters, all spread out, took very careful planning to accomplish. And we are overjoyed to report that there wasn't a single snag. We assisted the client, not only with scripting, but also with sourcing locations, props, and participants. This beautifully highlights the full service nature of our service. We don't just shoot and edit, we make a point of walking step by step with the client throughout the entire process, and making certain that all of the elements necessary to make the video they imagine a reality.  

The Reception

Needless to say, the video was a huge hit at the fashion show. It was fun and entertaining, and it also served as a stirring reminder of why everyone was there in the first place. It was so well received, in fact, that we have been working with RUSH on a yearly basis to produce new an engaging material for each of these events, which has been both incredibly rewarding, and fun!