UCAN • Nonprofit Video

The Concept

UCAN is an incredible Chicago nonprofit that awards scholarships to underprivileged youth. Every year UCAN holds a benefit, at which they acknowledge each of these special youngsters. This video was a collaboration between Motion Source and UCAN to, not only highlight each of the recipients, but to feature these recipients telling their own story: where they had come from, and how these scholarships would serve to enrich and enhance their lives. The ultimate goal of this entire production being to encourage current donors, and foster an interest in future donations.

The Execution

Due to the need for a central location for all of the recipients to congregate, we set up a portable studio in one of the classrooms at the UCAN school. We then patiently worked with each of the interviewees to get to the heart of their story, and to discuss the chapters as yet unwritten. To further highlight the unique personalities of the recipients, we had them display hand written cards that expressed their goals, as well as interact with objects from their future. Needless to say, it wasn't only a pleasure meeting each of these special individuals, but it was a blast watching them grow comfortable in front of the camera, and allow their personalities to shine through.

The Reception

The reception of this video at the awards presentation was overwhelming! Not only did it inspire new donations, but it helped to encourage current donors that their contributions were going to the right place. And, perhaps most importantly, the scholarship recipients loved seeing themselves on camera, as they truly are: without any walls up, and showing the world exactly what they are made of!