Nonna's Pizza

The Concept

Nonna's Pizza, particularly known for their delicious slices and late night service, were looking to reach an even wider audience by advertising ahead of movies at the theater. They knew they didn't want a simple slide, but had no idea how to approach a video commercial. Therefore, we brainstormed with them to develop an idea that was not only hilarious, and mildly shocking, but totally relatable to the audience, as it took place within a movie theater.

The Execution

Assembling a crack team of comedic actors from our creative network, we rented out a local theater and set to work. The difficult task was accomplishing the entire production prior to the theater needing to open its doors to business. Regardless, with a crew as skilled as ours, and actors that are through-the-rough talented, we were out of there before the popcorn started popping.

The Reception

Nonna's loved the video, and it did just what they wanted it to: got people talking. For the entire run of the commercial they would consistently receive compliments at their various locations, as well as overhear dinners chuckling as they relayed the concept to friends who hadn't seen it. This video was a huge success in terms of Nonna's marketing efforts and a huge success for Motion Source in terms of client satisfaction.