Nonprofit Videos 

There is simply no greater tool for outreach and fundraising than nonprofit video production. In the interest of serving nonprofits nationally, Motion Source offers an array of video production services to tap into the emotional core of an organization’s mission. Remember, people want to know the stories of those that they are helping, and where their donation of funds, time, and advocacy are going.

Our Chicago videographers work closely with our clients to showcase the passion that they feel for what they do, and those they serve. We do this by producing nonprofit videos that are not only aesthetically compelling, but that have a strong heart.

One of our finest moments was witnessing, firsthand, the positive power of one of our first ever nonprofit videos: a fundraising video for The H Foundation. Through utilizing this video at their yearly gala, the Goombay Bash, the foundation raised over twice what they had the year prior. If anything is a testament to the awesome influence of video over the fates of nonprofits, this is it!