Pepsi "Stage Dive"

The Concept

Ever the fans of joining commercial contests, we decided we'd give the Pepsi Challenge a try. We knew that we needed to stick within the abstract concept of "music to my mouth", but from there were free to take whatever flight of fancy that we pleased. We settled on a concept that was simple, and dare we say, cute, in a very rock n' roll sense!

The Execution

Building a small set in our studio, we employed the talents of two of our best friends, from the Chicago rock band Hessler. These two brought the energy that they unleash during their stage shows to our setting, and were really the heart of what made this video successful. Additionally, for the dream sequences, we employed footage that we already had of the band in concert. All in all, this was truly exemplary of utilizing the resources at hand to craft something fun and entertaining.

The Reception

The reception to this video was excellent, particularly due to the chemistry between our two leads. And, amusingly enough, fans often tell Hessler that this is one of their favorite videos of the band--even though it was a commercial entry! Motion Source has had a long and eventful history with Hessler, and to check out some of the music videos that we have produced for them in the past, please take a look at our music video portfolio page.