AdCura Healthcare Products • Product Video

This was a two part, dual goal product video. AdCura wanted a video to show both the benefits of their Patient ID Laser Wristbands and how to use them. The two parts of the video worked together because as Jennie, the on screen spokesperson, showed viewers how to use the product she was also showing the benefits and ease of use. The video can be used in both marketing initiatives to gain new customers and also in a employee training based environment for existing customers to show to their staff. 

The video was shot in our studio on a white backdrop. The white backdrop gives more focus and attention to the spokesperson and the topics being discussed. It also give a crisp and clean look, which was a perfect match for a healthcare product video. The use of onscreen motion graphics also enhanced the overall look and effectiveness of this video. By shooting the entire video in studio it kept the overall cost affordable, made the process seamless, and overall gave the video a more unified look.