Motion Source Shoulder Rig • Product Video

From the beginning Motion Source had primarily been a video production company, until now. In early 2013 the team here at Motion Source sparked an idea of creating affordable film gear for independent filmmakers. Those ideas lead to 9 months of design developments and eventually a successful birth of a new camera shoulder rig on Kickstarter. The Motion Source Shoulder Rig is designed to give independent filmmakers a low cost alternative for a shoulder rig, and in our opinion our rig gives you more versatility than some of the more traditional and expensive options.

This video is the product video we used on Kickstarter. In most cases we suggest to keep product videos in the 2 minute range but for Kickstarter you have a very focused audience. Video retention rate statistics suggest that when your audience is very focused the majority of your audience will not drop off until around the 6 minute mark. Less focused, sometimes distracted, audiences tend to drop off right before the 2 minute mark. It’s important to get any vital information about your product to your audience within that 2 minute window. Those two minutes better be the best product pitch that you have!