Rice Dairy

The Concept

Very simply, the dairy trader Rice Dairy wanted a video that captured the depth of their involvement in the dairy industry. Yes, their tools and approach are exceptionally current, but this is all based upon a solid foundation of grass-roots relationships with the dairy farmers themselves. It was vitally important that we create a video that expressed the importance of this collaboration between technology and agriculture... so, we did just that!

The Execution

It wasn't enough to simply film the bustling activity of Rice Dairy's high-rise Chicago offices: we needed to capture their involvement at the ground level. This meant that we laced up our boots, rolled up our sleeves, and headed out to dairy country. It was here that we captured the true essence of Rice Dairy's commitment to their customers, and this is a sentiment that is expressed beautifully within the finished product.  

The Reception

Rice Dairy was a bit apprehensive to get into the video game, as this was their first rodeo. However, all of their concerns were put at ease when they received the final video. We did what we promised, and created something that not only educated prospects on the various elements of the organization, but drove home the intimate relationship between Rice Dairy and their clients in the field.