The Last Vegas "She's My Confusion"

The Concept

After being crowned the 6th best video of 2012 by Classic Rock Magazine for "Evil Eyes" The Last Vegas commissioned Motion Source to again share the stage. Drawing from the rich ghost-lore of the band's home turf, we crafted a retelling of Chicago's most famous haunting: Resurrection Mary. Taking it to the highest level of authenticity, we managed to secure the historic Willow Brook ballroom--the very location that Mary was said to have spent the last night of her life. What resulted was an epic fusion or myth and rock n' roll.

The Execution

More than anything, the incredible location of the Willowbrook ballroom helped to sell this twisted romance. Not only was it the location of Mary's last dance, but it provided a host of interesting rooms, nooks, and crannies to set scenes within. Couple this with a production crew composed of some of Chicago's finest independent filmmakers, about 50 extras, and some amazing period props, and you have a recipe for cinematic success.

The Reception

Countless fans of the band, and casual viewers alike, have been drawn into the hazy, vintage world of this video, and emerged astounded. There is something about the way all of the elements fall into place--from the music, to the cinematography, to the color grade--that set this video apart from the pack; ensuring that The Last Vegas upholds a reputation for promotional videos that please the eye and tickle the brain.