The Concept

Sleepyhead is a beverage that works to assist with a problem that the majority of us face: difficulty falling asleep. When we met with them, the guys over at Sleepyhead were extremely excited about their product, and wanted to produce a video that expressed how special it was. Out of this was born the idea of creating an animated Explainer Video to lead the viewer through precisely what the drink did, and how it did this.

The Execution

First things first, we worked closely with Sleepyhead to massage their messaging into script format. It's one thing to write an article, a press release, or some copy for the web; it's something entirely different to craft verbiage into an effective script--they had the knowledge, we had the chops. Once this script was ironed out, we had Sleepyhead select for a number of illustration styles, storyboard their script, and then produced custom illustrations to follow said script. As always, our illustration and animation teams worked hand in hand, building and tweaking, until we arrived at the finished product.

The Reception

Sleepyhead got just as excited about their video as they did their product! So excited, that they purchased cable slots, and asked us to reformat the video into a 30 second television commercial. This is a huge part of the beauty of video: it can be reshaped to fit a number of applications. The guys over at Sleepyhead learned this firsthand, and it is a lesson that we share with all of our clients in an effort to expand their vision in terms of how multipurpose the productions that we offer truly are.