Our good friends, the Chicago rockers Smidgen, came to us with the desire to create a music video for their track "Bring to Life". We batted around a slew of ideas, when the concept of fusing the tragic myth of Orpheus with the very real tendency of society to organize witch hunts to counter things that it doesn't understand, came to us. Weird, we know; but they loved the idea, and so did we. So from there we crafted a narrative by which to produce this cinematic music video. Motion Source, partnering with a very talented Graphic Designer and and equally adept Motion Graphics artist from Chicago, worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life: see what we did there? In the end we were left with a tragic tale of heartbreak and loss that not only satisfied us immensely as storytellers, but furnished the band with a video that they felt matched the passion and detail of their own work.