The Treatment

The Concept

The guys over at The Treatment had a problem: they needed a trusted, repeatable way to pitch their product every time. You see, when an affiliated dealership sells a car, they offer The Treatment's service to the new car buyer; however, how they offer it and what they say about it is left entirely to the salesperson. You can probably imagine that this is a less than ideal way to pitch your product. Therefore, we worked with The Treatment to create the perfect pitch: a video that the salespeople could show new car buyers that would deliver the right information in the right way, each and every time.

The Execution

The last thing we wanted was to create a cheesy car product video; however, the fellas over at The Treatment have bid personalities, and it was important that we capture their energy and uniqueness. Therefore, we brainstormed a fun idea that would get the message across in a professional manner, while still being really cool. And boy was it cool! What's more fun than taking a brand new car off of the lot and covering it with sap, spray painting it, and lighting it on fire? And guess what, the stuff actually works!

The Reception

The Treatment's video received an overwhelmingly positive reception. The company was thrilled with the way that it turned out, and the sales people at the various dealerships were happy to have collateral that could help do their job. No longer did The Treatment have to worry about whether or not their product was being pitched perfectly, they knew with absolute confidence that the information being presented to their prospects was 100% accurate, and couched in a style that they gelled with their outlook and branding.